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This story will be based on close observations of learning outcomes against SEDA’s general objectives of organizing a team building event for it’s employees.

The objectives encompass the need to build team rapport, strengthening teamwork and overall alignment and developing creative thinking towards a high performance culture.

Layang Outdoor Ventures as the event management consultancy designed a module with action items consistent with those objectives while providing stress relief elements that inspire laughter and learning. This makes it possible to promote individual and group growth with fun and memorable experiences.

SEDA with LOVe Pirates of The Lagoon


LOVe Welcome to the Puteri Bayu Beach Resort Pangkor Perak
LOVe Welcoming Day with Kompang and Silat Puteri Bayu Resort Pangkor
LOVe with Kompang Pangkor Island Team

LOVe DAY WELCOMING : At the outset, SEDA employees arrived at the event venue to a rousing ‘kompang’ reception to stimulate  anticipation of better things to come.



LOVe DAY 1 : The team forming activity saw SEDA’s employees apportioned into four groups of ‘pirates’ with historical Malay maritime vessels as the groups’ names: Bedar Membara, Lancara Jingga, Pinisi Perang and Mendam Rentaka. The enthusiasm shown in creating each team’s war cry attest to the ease by which team members appreciate individual strengths to expose positive team dynamics, thereby accelerating forming of shared visions.

LOVe with bacaan DOA
LOVe with team identity session


LOVe with tazkirah session
LOVe water confidence activity

LOVe DAY 2 : The following day started with early morning prayers, ‘tazkirah’ and aerobic exercise sessions before SEDA’s ‘pirates’ were dipped into the resort’s swimming pool for a ‘water confidence’ session. This quick activity saw employees’ willingness and honest appreciation of role, purpose and group-bound expectations

The main ‘mission’ element then took off with SEDA’s ‘pirates’ taking boat rides to rotate between three locations to carry out their tasks. 

LOVe Pangkor Island Mission Taking Boat Rides

At Teluk Nipah’s Rimba Camp, paintball was used to create skirmishes for two groups to collect as many ‘gemstones’ as possible on the battle field. This activity forces individuals to quickly adapt to resource sharing and inter-personal trust and at the same time promoting self-confidence and problem solving skills.

LOVe with SEDA do paintball skirmish
LOVe we did it at Pulau Giam Beach Island

At Pulau Giam, the ‘pirates’ were faced with a sentence-building puzzle to obtain instructions for a quest up the hill to obtain a ‘pirate chest’ containing valuables. This exercise promotes ownership and accountability for results among team members.

At Monkey Bay, two ‘orang asli’ puzzles were presented for team members to obtain tokens to keys to padlocks on the ‘pirate chest’. In addition, a pictorial puzzle was shown for team members to figure out the way to obtain the numerical code for another padlock with combination numbers. A zoomed out picture of a fruit was presented for team members to search the beach front to obtain the fruit as licence to negotiate for valuation of ‘pirate loot’ gathered in the morning’s activities. 

Jurunikah at Monkey Island Beach
LOVe with SEDA's Pirates of The Lagoon

The main purpose of tasks at Rimba Camp, Pulau Giam and Monkey Bay was to force participants to improve decision making and leadership skills. On the whole, SEDA’s ‘pirates’ displayed smooth commitment of defined goals at all levels of the grouped organization.

LOVe fun-filled negotiation with SEDA

In the afternoon, the process of valuation of ‘pirate loot’ took place in a fun-filled negotiation session by the resort’s beach head. It attested to the inter-personal camaraderie among SEDA’s employees who easily adopt an attitude of improving group morale and team bonding amid adversity.

LOVe fun-filled boating activity

The afternoon was then given to indulgence in fun-filled boating activities which saw stress relief levels reach greater heights that inspire much laughter and enjoyment.

LOVe at SEDA's Grand Dinner

On the night of the grand dinner, SEDA’s employees displayed their charming talent-laden behaviours by their fantastical pirate costumes and crooning abilities. It clearly shows how much soft skill strength every SEDA employee carries with them in their hearts and minds. This augurs well for talent development among SEDA’s employees



LOVe DAY 3 : The final day started with dawn prayers, indoor ‘tazkirah’ and a quick briefing of the ‘final battle’ for all groups to be consolidated into one team under one banner to face one common enemy on the paintball battlefield at Rimba Camp.  There was rain in the early hours of the day but thankfully, when everyone was assembled at the battlefield, the rain gave way to ameliorating sunshine.

This final battle gives participants an opportunity for first hand, hands on experience for better conflict resolution and communication.  SEDA’s ‘pirates’ displayed outstanding adaptability to this aspect of organizational development.

LOVe with light discussion
LOVe with paintball mission
LOve debriefing and closing outdoor ceremony

Enthusiasm was at a high level throughout the final battle session and the exercise of team building for SEDA’s employees came to and end with a quick debriefing session by Layang Outdoor Ventures’ Chief Consultant, Sharif Ahmed Hassan and SEDA’s HR and Admin Director

Layang Outdoor Ventures is confident that SEDA is blessed with a very encouraging team of efficient, co-operative and talented employees and would be able to meet its Vision and Mission goals in a short time by leveraging on its pool of diverse skills and positive thinking human resource


Principal Consultant : Tuan Sharif Ahmed | Head Coach : Tuan Suhaihisam | Module Creator : Mr AA | Outdoor & Pool Lifesaver Coach : irwan md azahar | IT – Designer – Outdoor Coach : Mr Jurunikah | Swimming Coach & Pool Lifesaver : Mr Eskandhar | Fasilitator Outdoor Enthusiasm : Cikpuan Suhaila | Crew 1 : KakCik Ain | Crew 2 : Tuan Omar | Crew 3 : Tuan Imran | Crew 4 : Tuan Adi Hatim | Crew 5 : Tuan Jibrail