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Cave In Malaysia

Introduction Cave In Malaysia

Malaysia has some of the biggest and longest cave in the world. Some caves are archaeological sites, others are beautiful with stalagmites and stalactites and maybe underground rivers. Some caves are home to a wide variety of cave fauna such as a bats, swiftlets, snakes and invertebrates. These includes insects, spiders, beetles, cockroaches, centipedes and milipedes

Categories Caves In Malaysia

There are 3-types of categories cave in Malaysia

1) Show Caves (SC) easily accessible, usually lighting and permanently walkways (my type of cave)
2) Adventure Caves (AC) often involve scrambling over rocks, wading through waist-high water in the dark and getting dirty (more for serious speleologists)
3) Temple Caves (TC) Caves which are used as places of worship usually Buddhist or Hindu

Type Of Cave In Malaysia

The majority of caves in Malaysia are limestones and are above ground level. These include Gua Kelam in Perlis, Gua Tempurung and Kandu in Perak, Batu Caves in Selangor and scattered caves around Lake Kenyir in Terengganu and Gua Ikan in Kuala Krai Kelantan. The famous caves in Sarawak include the Painted Cave in Niah and Fairy Cave in Bau Sarawak. The Gomantong Caves is the most well known cave in Sabah

Underwater or river caves in the Kinta Valley make up less than 10% of local caves and are to be avoided during the rainy season. There are also dolomite and sandstone caves scattered around country

Caves in Sabah [wikipedia]

Caves in Sarawak [wikipedia]

  • Biocyclone Cave
  • Black Rock Cave
  • Clearwater Cave
  • Cobra Cave
  • Cobweb Cave
  • Daud’s Cave
  • Deception Cave
  • Deer Cave
  • Deliverance Cave
  • Disappointment Cave
  • Drunken Forest Cave
  • Fairy Cave
  • Green Cathedral Cave
  • Green Cave
  • Hornbill’s Secret Cave
  • Lagang’s Cave
  • Laing’s Cave
  • Leopard Cave
  • Lori’s Cave
  • Metric Cave
  • Niah Caves
  • Pepper Leaf Cave
  • Perseverance Cave
  • Racer Cave
  • Sakai’s Cave
  • Sarawak Chamber
  • Snail Shell Cave
  • Snake Track Cave
  • Solo Pot
  • Stone Horse Cave
  • Tardis Cave
  • Thunder Cave
  • Tiger Cave
  • Turtle Cave
  • Ulat Cincin Cave
  • Viper’s Pit
  • White Rock Cave
  • Wind Cave
  • and more than 200 others not listed

Caves in West Malaysia [wikipedia]


  • Gua Langsir


  • caves at Dabong, Gua Ikan
  • caves at Gua Musang
  • archaeological caves in ulu Nenggiri




  • Gua Kelam 2
  • Gua Wang Burma