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Here’s the gem in the Island of Langkawi and that is Roshila Siraj or Sheila @ Rosdny as she is more familiar

Sheila have been performing  since 2002, performing at festivals, Resort, Club, listening rooms, Theme Dinner, Royal Events and private parties in Langkawi Island & Peninsular Malaysia.

She is a very charming, touching, funny and has a kind of sexy hoarse contralto voice also her contralto plays a big role in jazz and pop music that amazes the ears of the audience

Her singing is well witnessed by the patrons to be energetic and inspiring. With her powerful well choreographed dance steps she builds up the crowd intensity to a happening experience. You also will be stunned with her floor antics


• Rebak Island Resort – Residents Artist
• The Andaman Resort – Festival
• Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort – Residents Artist
• Vivanta Taj resort – Residents Artist
• Westin Hotel Langkawi – Residents Artist
• Royal Langkawi Yacht Club – Residents Artist
• Berjaya Hotel – Residents Artist
• City Beaview Hotel
• Awana Porto Malai – Residents Artist
• Rebak Marina Resort – Residents Artis
• Ayer Hangat Village – Dancer
• Para-Para Nite Club Langkawi – Residents Artist
• Enigma Club, Aseania Langkawi – Residents Artist
• Tin Valley Club Ipoh – Residents Artist
• Green Bar Ipoh – Residents Artist
• Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya – Residents Artist
• Little Bali Bar, Cherating -Residents Artist
• Fuel Club, Butterworth – Residents Artist
• Soju,Penang – Weekly
• Level 2 Club Johor Baharu – Residents Artist
• Murtiara Burau Bay – Residents Artist
• Langkawi International Maritime Airforce 2017 (LIMA) – intl. Event
• Regata Dinner Show 2017 & 2018 -intl Event
• Langkawi Festival 2003 – int.Event
• Dinner Show Kementerian Pertahanan 2012- Private Function
• Teaters For Sultan Kedah 2013 – Private Shows
• Tun Mahathir Dinner Show 2013 – Private Shows
• Sultan Kedah lunch & Dinner 2017
• And many more…

Studying Research 17-days Period On Mek Mulong Culture Dance by Sheila

While attending 19-modules through out the Experiental Learning Course Concept at Gunung Ledang Resort Tangkak Johor, she had been assign to do a brief of Conservation Talk and research on behalf her interest about Mek Mulong Culture Dance 

” The Art History of Mek Mulong Dance Theater is the only one that remains to this day. This theater dance originates from the State of Kedah and has been inherited for generations since the defeat of Siam and Kedah. Since then, the Malays from Kedah have practiced the people’s festival every year

The privilege of this dance was not carried to any other state at that time. The dance is also very famous and is played inside the palace. The uniqueness of this Mek Mulong Dance was that only men used to perform it. But now it has been changed a bit over time where female dancers are also given characters

Nowadays Mek Mulong dance is performed to the general public as well as to tourists to introduce the history of Mek Mulong dance in the eyes of the world

The beauty of the clothes in terms of sarongs, kebayas and shawls whose colors are also similar consists of brown, bur and green. Not forgetting the jewelry that can be attracted from the point of view of buns, brooches and jewelry worn during the show.

This Mek Mulong dance is recognized as the Cultural heritage of Kedah

In terms of background music performances, it is accompanied by playing original musical instruments such as flutes, flutes and drums.

In this Mek Mulong Dance, it starts from the theater, singing and dancing to tell the sketches of the people. Every year it becomes a must to gather with the family to see this theater

This Dance Theater has become a historical material that should and is important to be preserved and presented continuously for future generations to maintain the originality in terms of accent which only the people of Kedah can convey well “

Nature Guide Sheila Siraj

Studying Research 17-days Period On Shore Parvifolia by Sheila

” Meranti Sarang Punai (Shore Parvifolia) is a log tree with a koi/cabbage flower -shaped crown. Large flowers it can grow up to 65-meters in height

Sarang Punai Meranti Tree is the main source of pink meranti wood. It is usually harvested from the forest for commercial use. As a canopy tree in tropical rainforests it can be found in swamps and riverside as well as hillside areas and ridges with clay to sandy in tropical forests of Southeast Asia

The core wood is pink to pink or pinkish brown. The skin is slightly shiny and rooted. And alternately brief and veined. The green, pink and long fruits of Meranti Sarang Punai wood are used for several commercial purposes in furniture carpentry such as table making, residential construction chairs, traditional, buildings, chalets and jetties

Due to the demand for furniture made from Meranti Wood, many species of tropical forest trees in Malaysia face the threat of extinction due to forest destruction

applying The Research of Storyline to Storyboard Simple Sketch by Sheila
applying The Research of Storyline to Storyboard Simple Sketch by Sheila

This Meranti Sarang Punai tree was selected in collaboration with the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) and the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). The tree has been classified as Critically Endangered under the International Union For Conservation Of Nature (IUCN) red list of endangered species due to excessive logging rates for highly demanded timber

Efforts to replant Meranti tree species in logging areas are seen to be able to preserve the environment for future generations to see “

Sheila Brief Profile among Nature Guide Team Members HERE